Born just outside of Vancouver B.C. I soon moved to the interior where my passion for being outdoors started. Living in Veron B.C. you got both extremes on the weather spectrum, during the winters you did not see your yards for months due to the amount of snow that covered them and during the summers your yards would be brown due to the heat. I remember the rattle snacks would lie around the edge in ground pools get the heat from the sun reflecting off the water.

Although I only spent a couple years in Vernon it was where my passion for the outdoors started, but that passion grew intensely after my father was transferred to Nanaimo B.C. Being on Vancouver Island I was surrounded by nature, every weekend that I wasn’t playing some sort of sport my father was taking out in a row boat or canoe fishing on Green Lake or if it was to windy to be out on the lake we would head over to Little Quailicum River. I feel that this is where my passion for being on the water grew.

After living on Vancouver Island for 6 years my father was transferred once again, this time Tsawwaseen in the Lower Mainland. Growing up in Tsawwassen there wasn’t a large amount of things to do for youth, once they built a skatepark at the local recreation center that became my second home. Unfortunately for me skateboarding was not my calling in life, after a couple of years I stop progressing at the sport as much as people around me were. This is where I picked up my first camera to document all the other that were progressing around me still.

When I turned 19 I knew that I needed to get out of Tsawwassen and expand my horizons. It was at that time that I moved to Vancouver with a couple of friends from my high school. Working in skate and surf shops I meet a large number of people and had the luxury of shooting photos with some people that have now made careers for themselves out of their dreams. After a while in Vancouver I got caught up with life and the camera started to gather some dust on it.

It was when I moved back to Nanaimo when I was 23 that I found that passion again. The exploring new ends on Vancouver Island and I can’t wait to see what the future on Vancouver Island holds.